Mr Esipisu’s ‘Karibu Balozi’ Event by Kenya Society

By Jacquiline wahu

The Kenya Society welcomed Kenya’s designated High Commissioner to the UK, Manoah Esipisu, to his new position with a reception hosted at the Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL) in London.

In his speech, the incoming High Commissioner promised to expedite Kenya’s economic interests with Britain.

“I propose to take up, right away, the matter of economic diplomacy, which will be profitable to us.  I look forward to doing my part to ease the path of potential investors looking to apply their expertise and experience in Kenya.

He affirmed that Kenya and UK have a strong relationship and bond which in his view, the task of Kenya’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom is to advance Kenya’s interests in alliance with one of its oldest friends.

More so, he expressed his desire to see more UK companies investing in Kenya in order to strengthen the already flourishing economic relations, and to take advantage of the greatly improving business environment.

Mr Esipisu stressed the need for reciprocal benefits as quoted, “Equally, we don’t find as many opportunities for Kenyan investors abroad as we could. It’s time, in my view, to change that; it’s time to rededicate ourselves to the search for opportunity for our people. We are devoted to win-win partnerships.

Even before initiation to his new role, Mr Esipisu went ahead to sell the government’s Big Four Agenda on universal healthcare, food security, affordable housing and manufacturing.

“The UK stands out as a Key partner particularly in execution of our development Agenda in the next four years as clearly articulated by H.E. the President in his “Big Four” agenda.” He said.

He summed up his agenda as to advance the interests of Kenya’s diaspora, investors and students.

Kilifi’s Green Park Perfect Home Deals for You

By Moses Adongo

Are you looking for a perfect peaceful home for your family? It can only be Mnarani Green Park in Kilifi. We have spacious 4 bed-roomed home units with an elegant finish on sale. The elegant custom home offers superb craftsmanship and exceptional amenities.

Bordering Mnarani airstrip, the units sit on a 5 -acre piece of land of a gated community spacious enough for a playground for children. Each unit has a substantial living room, open kitchen concept, secluded hideaway and a nearby shopping.        




Apartment features

  • 4 bedrooms all en-suite
  • Living room cloakroom
  • Open kitchen
  • Pets allowed

Interior Amenities

  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Marble floors
  • Walk in wardrobes
  • Modern cabinets
  • Custom windows that provide plenty of natural lighting

Building amenities

  • landscape backyard with several sitting areas that are private and serene
  • Parking space
  • Sparkling shared swimming pool
  • Restaurant perfect for parties and family gathering


The units are selling at Sh12.5 million with affordable and discounted payment plans.

For inquiries write to us: for more information

or call us: +254721322754/ +25471614297

Prime Lands for Sale in Kajiado County

By Moses Adongo

Kajiado County is a fast-growing area and is increasingly attracting both individual and corporate investors.

While the demand is on its high and everyone scrambling to get a piece of their own land here is still affordable.

Notably, the prices are appreciating speedily making it a great deal to own a parcel now.  Look at the hot deals that Kenya2U and Safaricom Investment Co-operative bring to you before they are all taken up.

1. Tinga Springs

We are offering a prime land at the Tinga Springs located just 10 kilometers from Tinga Town. It lies along the Olepolos road around Lake Magadi.

This plot touches the murrum off the proposed Kajiado- Suswa bypass thus ripe for speculation. Rather flat, beautiful and fertile, this land is ideal for farming, building rentals or even developing a home.

The area expects the development of Suswa- Kajiado Magadi Highways as well as the resettlement of Kajiado County Government offices.

The 1/8-acre plot currently goes for Ksh99,000 with a payable deposit of 10% and an extended period of 12 months.


2. Fahari Ridge

Fahari Ridge is ¼- acre piece of land located 9KM from Kajiado town with water and electricity available in the area. It enjoys proximity to a shopping center and a growing construction of homes around it.

The land is flat, fertile and beautiful hence is ideal for farming, settlement, and even future sale. It is surrounded by Oloosuyian center, Oloosuyian chief’s camp, a World Service church, and Senior Rissa Secondary School.

The plot currently goes for Ksh450,000 with a payable deposit of 10% and an extended period of 12 months.

These two pieces of plots, however, come with offers worth grabbing. A cash payment within 7 days offers you a 4% discount, 2% on payments within one month, 3% for payments within two months and an interest-free offer for payments within six months.

For more information, contact us at:

Call: 0721322754 or 0716142697


UK’s PM May Visits Kenya

By Moses Adongo

British Prime Minister on Thursday morning visited Kenya as part of her trip to Africa that included stops to two powerhouses, South Africa and Nigeria.

Speaking jointly to the nation at Nairobi’s State House, PM May and Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta exuded confidence in cementing partnership between the two nations through the signing of different agreements.

During the first visit to Kenya, PM May begun by appreciating the countries vibrancy and beauty. She revealed that their discussion with President Kenyatta included how United Kingdom could support the Big Four agenda majorly through investments and aid. ‘UK is already the largest foreign investor in Kenya and has set up its ambition this week to be the number one G7 investor in Africa by 2022, “said May.

She added that even as Britain prepares to exit the European Union, it has set out a smooth transition that will ensure continuity in trading relationships with Kenya. The PM also revealed Britain’s plans to ensure the next generation of energetic and ambitious Kenyans get well-paying jobs in order to contribute to Kenyan’s long term prosperity.

The two leaders signed a new pact that will see the two nations expand their joint works on security further. “The UK is no longer training our own military in Kenya, but also with Kenyans to promote stability in East Africa and beyond,” revealed the PM. She went further to commit to a new funding to support the African Union mission to Somalia.

She applauded President Kenyatta’s new found commitment to fighting corruption, promising to stand with him. She revealed that all proceeds of corruption that are invested in Kenya will be shipped back to the Kenyan people. Promising to support an inclusive building bridges initiative in Kenya, May congratulated President Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga for the political reconciliation they showed early this year.

On his part, President Kenyatta said he was pleased a UK prime minister was visiting Kenya after a long time. The last Britain prime minister to visit Kenya was Margaret Thatcher in 1988. The president was however optimistic that there would be more visits, adding: “Despite the fact there hasn’t been a British prime minister, there has always been a constant dialogue between the two countries, the two governments.”

President Kenyatta also went on to say that Kenya was keen to seek partnership from all over the world, perhaps referring to his recent visit to US where he met President Donald Trump shortly before heading to China soon.

The President also exuded confidence that Brexit would not have any major effect on Kenya saying it will not dent the ability to further strengthen and deepen trade as well as investment between the two countries.

The British Prime Minister was joined in the visit by a business delegation made up of 29 representatives from UK business. The delegation shows the breadth and depth of British expertise in infrastructure, technology and financial services.



Governor Waiguru Speaks of Devolution in Kenya at Chatham House UK

H.E. Governor Anne Waiguru at Chatham House

The Council of Governor Vice Chair earlier today shared about Kenya’s devolved system which she said was brought into being to include those previously excluded.

She commended the move of Kenya gaining a new constitution and instantaneously the country creating 47 counties to enhance what could be called ‘Project One   2010, terming it as no small feat.

The former Devolution and Planning CS added that the first few years of devolution have not been easy explaining that the beginning was faced with contestation not only between central and devolved government, but also within county governments over mandates and functions.

One of the three first women governors in Kenya went ahead to affirm that the current government remains committed to making devolution work in Kenya.

“Central government assistance to counties has included capacity building, developing model laws, and conducting institutional reviews to ensure skills matched to mandates.” She asserted.

The governor professed her desire to see more women running for the position during the next general elections. She even hinted to them one way to get support from male governors which she alluded as to target those who will have completed two terms and can’t run again.

The Kirinyaga County chief however highlighted an issue with early endorsement for women which leads to them being exposed to a long and vicious time in the spotlight.

From her experience while running for governor as a woman she claimed to have faced many challenges.

“At the same time, I knew that my campaign would have a wider significance for Kenyan women and girls, who have traditionally been marginalised in politics,” she expressed her reason for pressing on.

The first-time governor voiced her hope regarding women’s rights in Kenya saying the country is on the right track, despite lagging behind other countries in East Africa on women’s representation including Rwanda and Tanzania

H.E Waiguru did not forget to make a note on corruption which seems to be the country’s greatest enemy as she was quoted saying:

“Regarding accountability, a danger is that the fight against corruption becomes politicised and used by individuals to harm their enemies. Structures to ensure accountability in Kenya remain weak but the new constitution was a key step forward”.

She also emphasized on the importance of social media as a key tool in the fight for greater transparency and called for civic education to enable citizen demand government’s accountability observing that county governments are already engaging strongly on this matter

Despite being against the move last year, she welcomed lifestyle audit called for by President Uhuru tagging it as a big step forward. She sees pressure from families that want to benefit from their relative’s time in office as the drivers to corruption describing it as the reason why the president has rightly opted for the audit.

Natasha Kimani, an Academy Fellow, shared her research on gender and devolution which focused on 5 counties in Kenya: Kisumu, Kirinyaga, Nairobi, Kajiado and Mombasa

Reiterating Waiguru’s words earlier, she said that Kenya’s constitution is very gender responsive but a constitution is only as good as its implementation.

“More must be done regarding gender responsive budgeting. There needs to be an understanding that many things – infrastructure, healthcare etc. – impact differently on men & women, & county budgets have an important role to play in ensuring gender equality,” Natasha concluded.Source: Chatham House Africa

Money, Business and Wealth with Diaspora’s Charles Kinuthia

Charles is an accomplished and distinguished Chief Executive Officer of a new national franchise company and was recently honored with a Ph.D. in Humanities.

He was born and raised in Kenya and spent a significant part of his life in Australia. He also lived temporarily in Finland, where he was awarded a full scholarship to attend the University of Helsinki and complete a Bachelor’s Degree.

Upon relocation to Texas from Australia in 2006, he founded One Stop Tax Services Inc., a national income tax preparation franchise with its headquarters based in Houston.

Some of his accomplishments include being Chief Executive Officer of the One Stop Tax Franchise Systems Inc, with over 40 locations nationwide and Chairing the Lonestar College Business Management Advisory Board one of the largest and fastest growing community colleges in Texas among others.


KCB Diaspora Banking

By Jacquiline

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) is among the few Kenyan financial institutions that have gone beyond borders to serve Kenyans at the comfort of their country of residence. KCB Diaspora Banking provides products that allow Kenyans to have a complete financial connection to home regardless of where they are in the world.

Their bouquet of Diaspora Banking products and services that offers safe and convenient money management include accounts, mortgage, insurance, investment products, money transfer and Islamic banking.

The Diaspora Accounts covers all of your needs ranging from Goal Account, Tuungane Chama / Investments Group Account, Student Account Student Account, Junior Account, Investment Account, Transactional Account and Current Account. As a KCB client in diaspora, you can therefore save, invest or even perform your day to day transactions with so much convenience.

With over 120 years’ experience, the bank has tailor made mortgage for Kenyans in diaspora to enable them own a residential or commercial property as well as land.

The team prides itself in offering loans with the best and most competitive interest rates in Kenya: KES – 14%; USD – 10.5%; GBP – 9%; Commercial property – 17%.

A Kenyan passing on while abroad leaves a huge financial responsibility to the family and friends to cater for the funeral costs but this can be made easy through KCB’s Death and Funeral cover. There are also other insurance products to choose from including Emergency Medical cover, Personal Accident cover and Inbound Travel cover.

Kenyans living abroad can confidently make secure and profitable investments effortlessly with guidance from the banks financial experts. The products include fixed deposit, T-Bills and Stock Market Investment.

Diaspora remittances in Kenya involve huge sums largely contributing to the country’s growth and development according to CBK. KCB has strategic partnerships to enable Kenyans in Diaspora to conveniently send money to family and friends back home through any of its over 250 branches.

Some KCB partners in money transfer include KCB Swift Transfer, WorldRemit, Tranfast, SimbaPay, Xpress Money, Western Union, MoneyGram and Ria Money Transfer.

Ultimately, Islamic banking has also been put in consideration and includes current accounts, transactional accounts, saving accounts, business banking and financing facilities.

For information and account application contact:

Simon Muracia


Phone: 07702184152.

We adhere to GDPR policy.

CynergiLink; The Diaspora Investment Club to Belong!

Kenyan’s in UK’s diaspora have decided to come to together to build a diaspora investment club where membership is acquired through subscription.

The group focuses on being a long-term investment institution for Kenyans in diaspora despite being in it’s initial stages with interim leaders.

“We hope to be the number one choice for investors”, said Ms Josephine Njogu, the interim chairperson.

The members aim to gain self-development by investing via the club with a promise of transparency which is a key virtue for Kenyans abroad who want to invest back home. This is because, their trust has been betrayed before by being swindled by family members or other entrusted parties while they made an effort to invest in Kenya through them.

CynergiLink comes to bridge this gap with equal partner membership where project shall be proposed, debated on and funded by all members with none dictating the activities that must be done.

The soon to be diaspora powerhouse, aims at capturing the market through brand awareness and becoming the biggest diaspora group dominating London Stock Exchange within the next five to eight years which they term as their long-term goal.

The drivers of change are none other than any Kenyan living in UK willing to subscribe to membership at only 100 pounds as well as give a monthly contribution of 50 pounds for commitment as the membership grows and deliberates on investments projects to engage in as elaborated by the Communications manager, Ms Mukami.

Investment in real estate has always been the first area of interest for Kenyans in Diaspora and it is not an exception in CynergiLink as highlighted by the interim IT specialist, Patrick Muriuki. The group even suggested to take it a notch higher by considering investing in London’s property unlike the usual back home.

If you are looking to be a member you can join the group and be part of the self-development focused group.

You can watch:

2018 Commonwealth Business Forum (CBF) Unites Business Leaders, Industry Experts & Philanthropists

Compiled by Jacquiline WahuThe CBF business magnates panel convened to share their innovations in balancing profits & purpose at business of sport and entertainment round-table chaired by CEO of Sterling Media and CWEIC Advisory Board Member Natasha Mudhar.

The discussion featured a compelling and insightful exchange of ideas and knowledge, as some of the Commonwealth’s most entrepreneurial minds in sport and entertainment deliberated how the commonwealth sport and entertainment industries can take advantage of new revenue streams, channels of communication, distribution, and partnerships, and whether, in an ever-changing volatile climate, the sports and entertainment industries have a moral obligation to be more socially conscious and focused on purpose.

Natasha raised the point that there has been a proliferation of new revenue streams, markets and distribution channels for entertainment and sports, which has helped to enhance the bottom line.
“In recent years, many more businesses are seeking to shift their brand purpose and vision, in response to creating a more authentic, relevant and meaningful conversation with stakeholders, and how the focus is shifting from profit to purpose,” she stated.

She further commented on the power of entertainment and film in creating social change, saying “Entertainment in action tells us that you can inspire and entertain in equal measures.”

Social responsibility was one of the major points discussed and raised at the panel. They reflected on whether the sports and entertainment industries should be socially conscious or if this should be a task for the not for profit sector and governments, and what initiatives, if any, are being undertaken to expand and measure the social footprint of these industries.
Ian Stokes in response highlighted, “It is nice to see how development in the regional level is spilling over into the national level, as demonstrated by India in the recently concluded Commonwealth Games in Australia.”

Moderated by Dr Kamel Hothi, Non-Executive Director for Sterling Media and Advisor for the Queens Commonwealth Trust, the panelists composed of prominent figures in entertainment and sport like Satish Modi, Chairman, Modi Global Enterprises; Robert Maxfield, CEO, Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA); Paul Smith, Director of City and Spectator Experience, Cricket World Cup 2019 and Hannah Wood, International Campaign Development Manager among others.

Following a dynamic discussion that encompassed a range of ideas including partnerships between education and cinema, and video games and sports, convergence as a driving force behind purpose emerged as the theme of the panel.
Concluding the session, Natasha and Dr Hothi then proposed a code of conduct that all current and upcoming influencers in sport and entertainment should sign to ensure that they practice and demonstrate positive messages. Natasha also stressed the need to turn awareness into action as a result of the panel. Encouraging each participant to become a change-maker.

As a result of the session, Natasha called for the panel to reconvene in the near future to continue the discussion surrounding the business of sport and entertainment in the commonwealth, creating a legacy of collaboration and shared ideas between the two industries.

The CBF is organised biennially by the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC) and took place ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

CBF is an exclusive event that has convened 800 senior business leaders alongside 30 Heads of Government at three iconic Central London venues considering it’s the first time since 1997, to take place in London.


For further insight visit: CWEIC