Kenyans In the Park In London – Festive , Reflective and Prospective

IMG_1956 IMG_1951 IMG_1953 IMG_1954IMG_2029 IMG_2053 IMG_2054 IMG_2055 IMG_2056IMG_1898 IMG_1899IMG_2204 IMG_2201 IMG_2202 IMG_2088 IMG_2091 IMG_2093 IMG_2094Festive would be an under tone . Being in the Diaspora means many are detached from Immediate families and Friends . Culture and simple ideologies becomes a thing of the Past . So when an opportunity arises to engage with fellow Kenyans it always a welcome moment . Kenyans in the UK lucky to attend this years Party in the Park in London will agree with me this was no ordinary gathering it had the Magic Kenyan torch and Feel .

Reflective indeed . Memories of lost pals and relatives rekindled in an afternoon . Many could be seen enjoying meeting friends and relatives at the event . An opportunity to meet new family members and introduce partners all done with while enjoying traditional meals ,whilst enjoying the very well choreographed traditional dances and entertainment . The Faceofkenya UK team was also very active chearing and encouraging others on .Variety play schemes kept the kids busy.

Prospective Whilst the Event was graced to have the Presence of the High Commissioner H.E Lazarus Amayo amongst many Community Leaders , The Local resident Mayor for Newham Borough . The Banking industry  represented by KCB . Real estate also notable Kings Pride , Aberdare Lodge and Spa , Cheriz  were all so visible and agile to make that very important pitch . Kenyan bloggers and Media Amongst them UKENTV , Misterseed , the East African  , The standard representative were all hunting for that very prospective engagement if not a story . The curio industry and Painting well represented . Hair and beauty industry made a presence felt New Kids in the Block Alan and Christine had a new product under the Shade symbolising organic – . Sam Ochieng and Perez were also not too far from the barbeque with there Sweet potato delights and other agricultural products .Revival Church had pitched to introduce its new Tuition centre at the church in manor park.

Kenya2u is proud to have been on the ground . Branding and Consulting is what we do best and just being part of a successful brand growth ( Kenya in the Park ) it was a joy to see so many prospective and energetic Kenyans . With the help of friends we were also able to raise funds to help support a family whose mother is in need .

Big Thank you to Becky Bryan and Her Family , Jenny Shiroh and her Family Who worked with us to help raise funds to support one of our Friend Suzzie Ichatha Whose Mum Collapsed last year November as a result of brain aneurysm after the operation to seal the raptured vein. She developed strokes and has been on treatment since . As she continues to recover the family needs financial Assistance .

It is with this in Mind that they humbly invite any well wishers to a fundraising ceremony in support of Agatha Njeri Ichatha’s Medical Fund to be held on Saturday 6th August 2016 at the united Kenya Club . Most important though your thoughts and prayers will go along way in encouraging this Family. Those in KenyaIMG_2290IMG_2271 IMG_2273 can send donations to Jane Ichatha -Mpesa-0795627776.

Looking forward to 2017 God Willing .

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Sea Point – Kilifi Sea Horse.

Sea Point Tented Camp is Located in the Coastal Town of Kilifi off the Mombasa Malindi Road . We have self contained Cottages and Tented Camps with and ensuite facility. This eco friendly facility is the ideal weekend get away from the hassle and bustle of the city.

Our facilities come at a very competitive rates from as Little as Ksh 1000 Bed only / 1500 B/B per Person.We can also arrange pickup from the local Bus Terminus Free of charge. ( call -0723 975 665 / 0726313122 ) To reserve or email

An ancient 14thcentury coastal Swahili town midway between Mombasa and Malindi, it is steeped in history and culture. It enjoys the most beautiful sites in the coast. Apart from the seafront, a wonderful creek, lined white sandy beaches, the area has a fair tropical weather all year around, making it an ideal place for holiday and retirement. IT’S WORTH to NOTE that Kilifi has been picked by the government as an ideal RESORT TOWN, and that it should be developed as such; Kenya Government blueprint VISION 2030.


Kilifi is a town on the Kenyan coast, home to many resorts. It sits on the estuary of the Rare River in Kenya. Located on Kenya’s Northern coastline totaling the whole town to 12,464 square kilometers, it lies between Mombasa and Malindi.



UKENTV Launch Face of Kenya 2014

Saturday the 12th Saw UKENTV Launch the Face of Kenya 2014 . The event was attended by Senator Hon Wamatangi Paul Kimani  Kiambu County and was officially Launched by Hon Jacob Macharia Mp Molo Constituency. This years Competition will be very Competitive with all Competitors trying to raise Money for various charities .

The very formal and Well organised event was held at the London Hilton Metropolitan Hotel in Park Lane . Kenya2u has agreed to Part sponsor with some of the organising Partners. Congratulations UKENTV.

Janet wamatangi ukent2 Ukentv

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I view the internet as the best place to find business case studies for anything I want to do. PHOTO | FILE

There are very few businesses that you could start and no one else has ever tried to do the same thing before in the world.

Also, there are very few experiences in a business that will come your way and no one has ever encountered them before.

Therefore, as a business owner, your business is probably not as new as you think, and neither are your experiences.

For this reason, as a business owner, you should spend time learning from case studies of similar businesses as well as from other entrepreneurs.

I have been told that many people do not like to talk about their businesses.

While talking to a bank branch manager sometimes back, I asked him what he thought was a good business line, going by what he gathered from his customers.

I was surprised when he told me that most business account holders who frequent his office were usually tight-lipped about their work and how they run their businesses.

It is sad that we are a closed society when it comes to sharing the good and the bad of business.

Thinking about the many successful billionaire businessmen in Kenya who are frequently quoted in the media. I have hardly seen any of them share their experiences or even have books or articles written about their way to success with the aim of sharing with others who are looking for business success.


Although we are not such an information-generous community, business people have very few excuses in terms of trying to see what works for others due to the loads of business success information available online.

If you are in business and you still think that the internet is a place for young people or those in the more “digital” corporates, quit marginalising yourself.

Embrace the internet as one of the most resourceful business learning platforms you can ever have.

If you have not already invested in some form of internet connection, either via your mobile devices or office infrastructure, consider doing so.

I view the internet as the best place to find business case studies for anything I want to do.

It is a resource where you will not only find information but also communities of business experts and people who are willing to share their experiences and what they do.

There are many forums where you can find business success information to grow your enterprise, solve problems, or even get comfort that business success is not given but the result of good focus and taking lessons from challenges.

If you are in business or are just starting one, remember that many people have been through what you are trying to do.

Talk to those you know and, as much as possible, make reference to the internet, where millions of business owners and experts have shared their wealth of knowledge.

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