Kilifi’s Green Park Perfect Home Deals for You

By Moses Adongo

Are you looking for a perfect peaceful home for your family? It can only be Mnarani Green Park in Kilifi. We have spacious 4 bed-roomed home units with an elegant finish on sale. The elegant custom home offers superb craftsmanship and exceptional amenities.

Bordering Mnarani airstrip, the units sit on a 5 -acre piece of land of a gated community spacious enough for a playground for children. Each unit has a substantial living room, open kitchen concept, secluded hideaway and a nearby shopping.        




Apartment features

  • 4 bedrooms all en-suite
  • Living room cloakroom
  • Open kitchen
  • Pets allowed

Interior Amenities

  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Marble floors
  • Walk in wardrobes
  • Modern cabinets
  • Custom windows that provide plenty of natural lighting

Building amenities

  • landscape backyard with several sitting areas that are private and serene
  • Parking space
  • Sparkling shared swimming pool
  • Restaurant perfect for parties and family gathering


The units are selling at Sh12.5 million with affordable and discounted payment plans.

For inquiries write to us: for more information

or call us: +254721322754/ +25471614297

Prime Lands for Sale in Kajiado County

By Moses Adongo

Kajiado County is a fast-growing area and is increasingly attracting both individual and corporate investors.

While the demand is on its high and everyone scrambling to get a piece of their own land here is still affordable.

Notably, the prices are appreciating speedily making it a great deal to own a parcel now.  Look at the hot deals that Kenya2U and Safaricom Investment Co-operative bring to you before they are all taken up.

1. Tinga Springs

We are offering a prime land at the Tinga Springs located just 10 kilometers from Tinga Town. It lies along the Olepolos road around Lake Magadi.

This plot touches the murrum off the proposed Kajiado- Suswa bypass thus ripe for speculation. Rather flat, beautiful and fertile, this land is ideal for farming, building rentals or even developing a home.

The area expects the development of Suswa- Kajiado Magadi Highways as well as the resettlement of Kajiado County Government offices.

The 1/8-acre plot currently goes for Ksh99,000 with a payable deposit of 10% and an extended period of 12 months.


2. Fahari Ridge

Fahari Ridge is ¼- acre piece of land located 9KM from Kajiado town with water and electricity available in the area. It enjoys proximity to a shopping center and a growing construction of homes around it.

The land is flat, fertile and beautiful hence is ideal for farming, settlement, and even future sale. It is surrounded by Oloosuyian center, Oloosuyian chief’s camp, a World Service church, and Senior Rissa Secondary School.

The plot currently goes for Ksh450,000 with a payable deposit of 10% and an extended period of 12 months.

These two pieces of plots, however, come with offers worth grabbing. A cash payment within 7 days offers you a 4% discount, 2% on payments within one month, 3% for payments within two months and an interest-free offer for payments within six months.

For more information, contact us at:

Call: 0721322754 or 0716142697


KCB Diaspora Banking

By Jacquiline

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) is among the few Kenyan financial institutions that have gone beyond borders to serve Kenyans at the comfort of their country of residence. KCB Diaspora Banking provides products that allow Kenyans to have a complete financial connection to home regardless of where they are in the world.

Their bouquet of Diaspora Banking products and services that offers safe and convenient money management include accounts, mortgage, insurance, investment products, money transfer and Islamic banking.

The Diaspora Accounts covers all of your needs ranging from Goal Account, Tuungane Chama / Investments Group Account, Student Account Student Account, Junior Account, Investment Account, Transactional Account and Current Account. As a KCB client in diaspora, you can therefore save, invest or even perform your day to day transactions with so much convenience.

With over 120 years’ experience, the bank has tailor made mortgage for Kenyans in diaspora to enable them own a residential or commercial property as well as land.

The team prides itself in offering loans with the best and most competitive interest rates in Kenya: KES – 14%; USD – 10.5%; GBP – 9%; Commercial property – 17%.

A Kenyan passing on while abroad leaves a huge financial responsibility to the family and friends to cater for the funeral costs but this can be made easy through KCB’s Death and Funeral cover. There are also other insurance products to choose from including Emergency Medical cover, Personal Accident cover and Inbound Travel cover.

Kenyans living abroad can confidently make secure and profitable investments effortlessly with guidance from the banks financial experts. The products include fixed deposit, T-Bills and Stock Market Investment.

Diaspora remittances in Kenya involve huge sums largely contributing to the country’s growth and development according to CBK. KCB has strategic partnerships to enable Kenyans in Diaspora to conveniently send money to family and friends back home through any of its over 250 branches.

Some KCB partners in money transfer include KCB Swift Transfer, WorldRemit, Tranfast, SimbaPay, Xpress Money, Western Union, MoneyGram and Ria Money Transfer.

Ultimately, Islamic banking has also been put in consideration and includes current accounts, transactional accounts, saving accounts, business banking and financing facilities.

For information and account application contact:

Simon Muracia


Phone: 07702184152.

We adhere to GDPR policy.

Kenyan Youth Yearn for Business Knowledge and Skills

By Jacquiline Wahu

Kenya’s youth in business turned up in great numbers to kick off the month of April with all the motivation they need as they met great personalities in business in a forum organized by The Chambers of Commerce at Metta in Nairobi.

Vimal Shah, the Chairman of Bidco Africa, and well known for the growth of the company was the chief guest at the event while the panelists included Terryanne Chebet who is a Media Personality and a Business woman, Raymond Ochieng C.E.O National Youth Council among others.

Mr. Shah urged the youth to have a positive attitude as he termed them as the drivers of change. According to him, the current generation only needs to work on their attitude as they can learn all the entrepreneurial knowledge and skills they require from the internet.

“Universally change is the only constant, in fact from now going forward things will change much faster than it ever happened”, Mr Shah said as he implored the young entrepreneurs to be flexible and ready embrace change.

He added that the achievement of this nation depends on the youth which is the majority of the nation’s population. Also, the youth were encouraged to stop looking down on farming as it is no longer agriculture but agribusiness.

He termed unemployment of youth in Kenya to be worse than cancer and advised that entrepreneurship has a massive capacity to solve the problem.


Hacks to getting business funds

The government may not have job opportunities for the great numbers of youth joining the job market every year. However, it has put in place platforms through which the youth can acquire funds to start of their businesses.

As stated by Raymond, the youth must learn to approach the government in an organized manner. They must have all the documents required in place.

He told the youth to make use of the platforms that have been availed by the government specially to take up the Youth Enterprise Development Fund as well Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO).

In a rejoinder by Ms Kibet, Board Director at Youth Fund, the youth were assured that the government has enough money to loan out to those who are serious about business and ready to pay back as the money is meant for a revolving fund.

Benefits of Youth Fund

She clarified that not only does the fund avail money for start ups upon approval of their application but also offers training to a group of entrepreneurs from their locality. They only need to apply.

The fund also offers loans to existing business as well as useful network through various forums particularly KNCCI which is the pillar linkage for youth to global platforms.

Counties also Encouraging Youth to Embrace Entrepreneurship

A joint venture by Kiambu County Government and Italian Government dubbed, “Reducing the adverse drivers of migration through local value chain development”, targets to benefit 4,000 youth by equipping them with knowledge and skills on the best farming practices and value addition to create jobs.

The project aims at demystifying the notion that farming is for the old and uneducated but see it as a very productive venture with great profits.

The initiative which was negotiated by former Kiambu Women Representative Ann Nyokabi is expected to benefit from Sh 6 million funding by the Italian Government.

Together with Food and Agriculture Organisation of United Nations (FAO), Kiambu government is implementing the scheme which was launched last month by the Italian Ambassador to Kenya Mauro Massoni, Dr Gabriel Rugalema (FAO) and the county’s Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

“The project will be done in three phases and will give adequate skills in new agricultural ways, entrepreneurship and management skills. The objective is to ensure that there are increased returns in farming through innovations and value addition, which is the only way to lure youth into the venture which locally is perceived as the preserve for the old and uneducated by many youths.”, Mr Massoni said in his remarks.

Kisumu County is also encouraging traders to venture into activities like poultry, cotton, dairy and sorghum farming for Kenya Breweries Limited among others as said by Ms Moraa, the County Executive for Business, Energy and Industry, as she presented cheques worth Sh5.8 million to small scale businesses.


Look out for the continuation…


Garden City Mall to Expand Under UK Based Property Manager


By Jacquiline Wahu

Knight Frank Kenya has won the contract as the new property manager of Garden City Mall after a previous agreement with a South African based Broll came to an end.

The real estate consultancy with its headquarters in London signed a pact to be in charge of the mall effective from March, with Actis the developer.

This Development property which intends to expand by building a business park, is Nairobi’s first fully-fledged mixed-use development with retail, residential and office space, all planned on 47 acres of land adds to 11 other malls being managed by Knight Frank Kenya.

Other malls under their management in Nairobi include; T-Mall, Ridgeways Mall, Capital Centre, The Junction Mall, Rosslyn Riviera Mall, Lunga Lunga Square, Signature Mall and Diamond Plaza II. They also manage other malls in other counties.

“As Kenya’s first mixed-use development, Garden City has premium retail and office space available for lease and residential units for sale or lease, so Knight Frank has just the management and marketing expertise that we are looking for. We are excited to have Knight Frank Kenya coming on board to join the Garden City team and are looking forward to a busy year ahead,” said Garden City Development, Chris Coulson.

The real estate consultancy prides itself in the experience of managing other major shopping joints across the country through leasing and management for the past two decades. Over the period it has brought on board major international retail brands into the Kenyan market, latest being Shoprite which is projected to take up the anchor’s space in the Mall by August 2018.

To express their excitement, the managing director Ben Woodhams said that the deal is a key milestone for Knight Frank Kenya as they celebrate their 20th anniversary. “This It brings our long-standing relationship with Actis full cycle as we were the lead letting agents for the mall and have worked on other developments together since early 2000s.” He added.

Knight Frank is also the letting agent for the business park and sales agent for residential at Garden City.

The first phase of the business park will have 125,000 sq ft—60% of which is already leased, while two subsequent office blocks will deliver a further 125,000 sq ft. Garden City residential currently has 215 units of townhouses and apartments, with a further 400 units planned. Future plans in the development include a hotel, medical facility and other complimentary commercial uses.

Knight Frank LLP is the leading independent global property consultancy. The Group advises clients ranging from individual owners and buyers to major developers, investors and corporate tenants.

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Source: Knight Frank

Organic Farming Possibly the Solution to Food Insecurity in Kenya

By Jacquiline Wahu

Food Insecurity is a perennial problem in Kenya, yet the country prides itself in having agricultural sector as the mainstay of it’s economy according to a Food Security Report by Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI), 2012.

One would ask then, what can be done to ensure that the agricultural sector produces enough quality food to sustain the nation’s population?

Organic farming, which is quite untapped agribusiness practice, is the most promising method to be adopted for sustainable food production, not only in Kenya but worldwide.

It is important to note that Kenya lacks organic seeds outlet thus organic farmers must import from US and Europe, Italy being the major source as learnt from an Agri-Tour to Kenya Institute of Organic Farming (KIOF) in Juja organised by Bizna Kenya and Siri Zetu Travel. This gap begs to be bridged.

Unlike the Conventional method of farming, Organic Farming is the chemical free production of food, that emphasizes on crop rotation, use of compost and green manure, as well as use of biological method of pest control.

Modern farming in Kenya, which entails planting a certain crop on a piece of land over a certain duration while using fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides has been emphasized on for quick cash. Unfortunately, these chemicals weaken the soil by dehydrating it as well as killing the micro-organisms within, resulting in unproductive land with minimal or no yields.

On the other hand, Organic farming nurtures the soil by maintaining moisture and adding nutrients thus making the soil more productive as the farmer keep on enjoying more harvest over a period of time and in the end, the production gets to an optimum and remains more or less constant.

When put in comparison, organic farming is a long-term investment unlike modern methods which run for short span of time before depleting the fertility of the soil.

In addition to food security, the quality of food from organic farms is of acceptable health standards as research has proven, thus ensuring consumers of healthy foods, staying safe from health hazards triggered by conventionally produced foods due to presence of too much chemicals in the food.

According to KIOF, Organic Farming follows four principles in its system of food production that include health, ecology, fairness and care.

To adhere to the mentioned principles, there are ‘BIG FIVE’ activities that a farmer must do in their organic farms. The first one is Composting which demands the use of organic matter to fertilize the soil like mulch, green manure, compost among others.

The second move is to deepen and protect the top soil.

The farmer must also bring biodiversity onboard through crop rotation, mixed farming and intercropping.

In addition, management of pests and diseases must be done ecologically by adopting cultural practices, physical measures, biological predators and using botanical & natural repellants.

Finally, an organic farmer is required to rear livestock that will help reduce waste from farm and in turn give manure to be use as compost for the planting season. However, the livestock must be kept in ways that encourage welfare and use of their natural behavior according to their nature.

This cycle goes on and on ensuring minimum or no waste in the system of Organic Farming and maximum production of quality food products.

For more information on Organic farming check out:



The Organic Farmer:

Or write to: ICIPE Email add:

Celebrating Women in Business

By Jacquiline Wahu

The International Women’s Day was feted a day earlier in Kenya as women entrepreneurs convened at a conference in Nairobi organized by Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) under its Women in Business sector.


The event was graced by H.E. Governor Ann Waiguru who is not only among the only three women governors elected to the office, but also the first female deputy chairperson of Council of Governors. In her speech, she urged the government and Kenyans at large to support women initiative in business, politics or any other venture they uptake.

Emphasizing on transforming women lives through rural and urban activists, the governor shared her initiatives during the few months in office that have kicked off to support women in her county under the umbrella initiative dubbed Wezesha Mama Program. Through this program, women access procurement opportunities to avail products from their craftsmanship.

While she encouraged business between counties, Ms Waiguru enlightened the women on the importance of properly branding their enterprises to attract in investors. This coincided with the launch of Women in Business Magazine which is a great platform for women to advertise their enterprises to a potential audience as well share their struggles and success stories.

A call to action was made by the Deputy Chair CoG to deliberately bring solutions and fresh ideas that will empower women. Being a champion in fighting for women empowerment, Ann Waiguru is notable for rolling out Huduma Centres in Kenya while she was the Devolution CS which has simplified access to documentation required by entrepreneurs especially while starting a business among other services.

“Let us strive to be the best we can as the world is looking up to us.” She called upon women in her closing remarks.

Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Eugene Wamalwa was among the few supportive men who attended the event. Together with Governor Waiguru, he played a significant role in ensuring 30% of Access to Government Procurement Opportunity was reserved for women.

The CS applauded women for fighting for everything they have got as he acknowledged that they deserve all the opportunities at their disposal and more. He also extended an olive branch to the vice chair CoG to work together in ensuring that women are empowered across the 47 counties.

KNCCI Chairperson, Mary Muthoni confirmed the chambers solidarity with the President of Kenya so that together they can bring out successful sisters in industries like manufacturing, construction, food security among others. She encouraged women to pride in their projects to inspire more women to start their own enterprises.

Women were unanimously encouraged to tap into the manufacturing industry to avail locally made products and even produce enough for export.

The women who had converged to celebrate International Women’s Day own enterprises in various fields including real estates, tours and travel, security, manufacturing, construction, logistics companies and agri-business just to mention a few.


Kenyans In the Park In London – Festive , Reflective and Prospective

IMG_1956 IMG_1951 IMG_1953 IMG_1954IMG_2029 IMG_2053 IMG_2054 IMG_2055 IMG_2056IMG_1898 IMG_1899IMG_2204 IMG_2201 IMG_2202 IMG_2088 IMG_2091 IMG_2093 IMG_2094Festive would be an under tone . Being in the Diaspora means many are detached from Immediate families and Friends . Culture and simple ideologies becomes a thing of the Past . So when an opportunity arises to engage with fellow Kenyans it always a welcome moment . Kenyans in the UK lucky to attend this years Party in the Park in London will agree with me this was no ordinary gathering it had the Magic Kenyan torch and Feel .

Reflective indeed . Memories of lost pals and relatives rekindled in an afternoon . Many could be seen enjoying meeting friends and relatives at the event . An opportunity to meet new family members and introduce partners all done with while enjoying traditional meals ,whilst enjoying the very well choreographed traditional dances and entertainment . The Faceofkenya UK team was also very active chearing and encouraging others on .Variety play schemes kept the kids busy.

Prospective Whilst the Event was graced to have the Presence of the High Commissioner H.E Lazarus Amayo amongst many Community Leaders , The Local resident Mayor for Newham Borough . The Banking industry  represented by KCB . Real estate also notable Kings Pride , Aberdare Lodge and Spa , Cheriz  were all so visible and agile to make that very important pitch . Kenyan bloggers and Media Amongst them UKENTV , Misterseed , the East African  , The standard representative were all hunting for that very prospective engagement if not a story . The curio industry and Painting well represented . Hair and beauty industry made a presence felt New Kids in the Block Alan and Christine had a new product under the Shade symbolising organic – . Sam Ochieng and Perez were also not too far from the barbeque with there Sweet potato delights and other agricultural products .Revival Church had pitched to introduce its new Tuition centre at the church in manor park.

Kenya2u is proud to have been on the ground . Branding and Consulting is what we do best and just being part of a successful brand growth ( Kenya in the Park ) it was a joy to see so many prospective and energetic Kenyans . With the help of friends we were also able to raise funds to help support a family whose mother is in need .

Big Thank you to Becky Bryan and Her Family , Jenny Shiroh and her Family Who worked with us to help raise funds to support one of our Friend Suzzie Ichatha Whose Mum Collapsed last year November as a result of brain aneurysm after the operation to seal the raptured vein. She developed strokes and has been on treatment since . As she continues to recover the family needs financial Assistance .

It is with this in Mind that they humbly invite any well wishers to a fundraising ceremony in support of Agatha Njeri Ichatha’s Medical Fund to be held on Saturday 6th August 2016 at the united Kenya Club . Most important though your thoughts and prayers will go along way in encouraging this Family. Those in KenyaIMG_2290IMG_2271 IMG_2273 can send donations to Jane Ichatha -Mpesa-0795627776.

Looking forward to 2017 God Willing .

IMG_2261IMG_2255IMG_2246IMG_2236 IMG_2234 IMG_2235 IMG_2237IMG_2225 IMG_2222 IMG_2223 IMG_2224