President Kenyatta in London; to Deliver an Address at Chatham House

By Jacquiline Wahu

Kenyans in UK, come out in numbers to support the President as he delivers an address at Chatham House, the shrine for policy and investment thinkers in London.



TIME: 2.00PM


His speech will dwell on Kenya’s efforts in achieving inclusive growth, the positive role Kenya is playing in supporting regional peace, and its station in a globalising world.

It is essentially a platform for the President to share his view on a range of areas as a Kenyan leader, as a Pan-Africanist, and as one of the people closely involved in seeking and securing peace in our region–in South Sudan, in Somalia, and are also addressing the matter about which he cares deeply such as regional integration.

He will also speak about the Big Four development agenda, which is at the heart of his drive for inclusive growth, as explained by Manoah Esipisu.