President Uhuru Kenyatta sworn in for second term as Kenya’s president .

DSC_4435_preview DSC_4432_preview DSC_4428_preview DSC_4361_preview DSC_4330_preview DSC_4288_preview DSC_4282_preview DSC_4240_preview DSC_4209_preview DSC_4208_preview DSC_4197_preview DSC_4195_preview DSC_4193_preview DSC_4191_preview DSC_4503_preview DSC_4394_previewKenyans from across the Nation braved the cold to witness the swearing In of Present Kenyatta into his Second Term.

“I … do swear … that I will always truly and diligently serve the people of the Republic of Kenya,” Kenyatta said with his hand on a Bible that had been used to swear in his father, founding president Jomo Kenyatta, at independence in 1963.

Kenyatta said the past few months “have been a trying time”, and he called for an end to hate and divisiveness.

“The elections are now firmly behind us … I will devote my time and energy to build bridges.”

He again criticised the supreme court’s nullification of his August election win, saying that “despite … being told that the processes matter more than your vote, we complied.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta has lifted restrictions on East Africans wishing to live and do business in Kenya. He says all East Africans need now is their national identification.

President Kenyatta also directed that Africans wishing to visit Kenya will be eligible to receive a visa at the port of entry.

“As a mark of our continued commitment to you, our Brothers and Sisters in the East African Community; from today, you will be treated like Kenyans. Like your Kenyan brothers and sisters, you will need only your identity card,” he said, adding that “You can now work, do business; own property, farm and if you wish, and find a willing partner, you can marry and settle in Kenya.”

Kenyatta promised to work with leaders of the East African Community to bring a renewed energy and optimism to the union.